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Monday, January 7, 2008

Comments, I love em

Wow, every time i check the comments on my page a realize that people actually do read my rants. Last night Josh from Cuse country posted this. I just want everyone to know that this should be how people respond to my rants. While I was reading this, i realized that Josh is correct. I am sure Jimmy B does alot during practice. The Team has shown a ton of improvement during the last month. Thanks Josh for your comments. I really am excited to get to the meat and potatoes of the big east Schedule. I am curious on how this team is going to match up against the likes of Marquette and Georgetown! Go Orange

Josh from cuse country said...
I will say that I only watched the game on TV but I don't share your disdain for JB's coaching decision to leave Greene in the game (#3). The Orange offense this year is pretty moribund without Greene on the floor. And Donte will have to learn to play with 3 fouls, if he is going to be any factor on defense or the glass. It looked like he learned his lesson somewhat -- he played a long stretch against USF while in foul trouble and was more careful not to pick up another one.As for the surfeit of coaches, most coaches won't have much to do during games. (This isn't football.) But I'm sure they are all busy during practices -- heck, with the dwindling roster, I wouldn't be surprised if Z Sims was suiting up during practice so they can scrimmage 5-on-5. He was playing professionally last year. And even if not, I'm sure he has had a lot to do with Flynn's early success as a play maker

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